I have been in the tech industry for a while, working in large-scale environments, and leading engineering teams to achieve their best. My career is a tapestry of diverse roles and challenges – from spearheading Infrastructure Platforms to playing a pivotal role in Cybersecurity and building a Data Platform team.

I’ve started my professional journey at Locaweb, a key player in Brazil’s hosting industry. Over nearly a decade, I’ve ascended from a Technical Support Engineer to a Storage Engineer, significantly contributing to building and managing a PB-scale storage infrastructure and playing a crucial role in devising innovative solutions to bolster object storage products.

Venturing into leadership, his path led him to become a Site Reliability Engineering Manager at Loggi. Here, I undertook the task of establishing the SRE team from the ground up. Beyond this, he spearheaded efforts in the Infrastructure Platform, assumed an interim leadership role in Cybersecurity, and took on the challenge of building the Data Platform team from scratch.